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Bearden High School


Latin culture Wiki





Salvete Vos Omnes! Welcome to the Bearden High School Latin language and culture Wiki. Here Latin students write articles about the Latin language and European Civilization.  This Wiki contains contributions not only about the Latin language and the Romans, but also about Medieval civilization and about the influence of Latin down to the present.



Student Projects:


Historical Figures:


Gaius Julius Caesar │  Caesar: Cunning at Its Best  |  Lucius Aelius Seianus  |   Livia Drusilla





Vergil, The Great Roman Poet  |  Livy: Master Historian   Quintus Horatius Flaccus


Cultural Institutions/Arts:


 Saturnalia │ Roman Gladiatorial Games  | Vestālēs  |  Roman Sculpture 

Roman Architecture: Temples   |  Roman Superstitions  |  Homosexuality in the Greek and Roman Societies

Lingua Indoeuropaea Prīsca






Instructions for the project


For help, contact Mr. Hughes.

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